A strong logo can have a significant impact on your business. A logo design or redesign may seem daunting, but committing to breathing life into something new or something that has worked that’s now overdue for a refresh, can pay off significantly. But before you hire a designer to create a logo for your business or dismantle your existing logo, take some time to answer these four questions.

1) Who is Your Target Audience?

Write out the persona of your target audience in detail. Share this information with your designer and identify the traits of other brands that have been successful in your space. You can have the same audience-targeting characteristics and still maintain your own unique branding.

2) What is Your Company’s Mission? 

Before commissioning a logo design, be sure you’re ready to explain your company’s mission and the picture you want your audience to see. Jot down your core values, key differentiators, and what makes you stand out in your market. This information helps give designers a place to start and makes choosing colors, fonts, icons and styles easier. 

3) What Style Do You Want Your Brand to Evoke?

How do you want your logo to feel? Upscale and elite? Family-focused and friendly? Find a way to communicate your aesthetic. Many clients use Pinterest to collect reference images that correspond with their brand. Search online for visual inspiration, then create a mood board. Look for icons and color palettes that represent your values and differentiators. The color a company uses to brand itself conveys its authenticity to consumers, its products’ quality, and more.

4) How Do You Want Your Customer to Perceive Your Logo and Brand?

Your logo designer needs a clear idea of who your customer is and what you want them to think when they see the logo. Make sure your designer knows your objectives and the type of industry you are in so that they have a good starting point.

How to Work With a Graphic Designer 

Quality feedback and open, honest communication is needed when you hire someone to design a logo for you. Let your designer know what you think needs to be improved or if the first round of concepts isn’t resonating with you. When reviewing logo options with your team, be sure to get feedback but keep in mind that creative design is subjective, and you can’t please everyone. 

Your Brand Is More Than a Logo

If you’ve committed to a logo design or redesign, you may want to consider expanding on your foundational visual brand, including typography, photography, and layouts and documenting them in a brand style guide. We can help! Whether you need a company logo or artwork for your next campaign or product launch, we’ll work with you to understand your story and curate a robust design that resonates with and inspires your target audience.


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