Creating compelling, on-brand blog topic ideas to write about can be elusive, and inspiration hard to grasp. The good news is that there is always something to write about! You just need to develop a system that allows you to source ideas before you start writing. We share a few free blog topic research tools below to help you brainstorm your next blog topic.

Need Blog Topic Ideas? Try Reddit

Utilizing Reddit to find blog topics might seem odd, but the discussion website is a gold mine for hyper-specific content ideas that answer common, pressing questions people have in your niche. Reddit is an online community where people gather to talk about common interests. Because of its popularity and the variety of people who use it, it attracts a community for lesser-known niches. So, if your business sells problem-solving skincare products, there is probably a subreddit dedicated to that. Reddit allows for various discussions, so there is much to take away from reading comment threads. 


free blog topic research tools


Use Google Trends To Analyze Search Queries 

If you prefer a more analytic approach to explore popular searches, use Google Trends to learn how many people are looking for a specific term over a period of time in relation to all the searches it processes. Enter a broad keyword of interest to you or your business to start. Look at “related searches,” select “rising,” and refine the search results. Then, select a region, time range (30-90 days), and category. 

free blog topic research tools


Rising searches are terms that were searched for with the phrase you entered, which had the most significant growth in volume in the specified period. You’ll see a percentage of the term’s development for each rising search term compared to the previous period. If you see “breakout” instead of a percentage, the search term grew by more than 5000%.

Want Info About Trending Articles? Check BuzzSumo

Once Google Trends has helped you identify keywords and ideas for good blog post topics that can stand out and rank well on search engines, what’s next? One idea is BuzzSumo, a marketing tool that helps analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor. Use BuzzSumo to hunt for your newly identified keyword and look for the context of how your potential blog topic is used in the most popular articles. Sort by “total shares,” searching for keywords in each piece that show you what the author is focusing on, then use this info to expand your list of topics.



Discover Relevant Questions With Quora

Want to be sure you’re answering the right questions in your blog posts? You must first understand which questions people are asking. Quora, a social question-and-answer website, shows what people want to know about and how they’re asking for guidance. And it’s super easy to use! Type your defined keyword into Quora to see what appears. Then try combining the data gathered from BuzzSumo and Quora to develop specific blog post topics.


Now that you know how to find unique blog topics for your niche, the only thing left is to start writing. Need editorial expertise? Contact us! Our professional content writing services ensure you get the high-quality content you need to hook your audience and keep them itching to learn more.

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