A strong website is one of the most effective ways to market your company. There are two ways to approach web design—custom web design or website templates. Many people opt for website templates due to limited budgets and time crunches, but templates do not give you the same benefits as having a custom web design. Ready-made sites look similar to everyone else’s and have limitations, whereas one-of-a-kind sites offer unique navigation and functionality and the ability to create your own identity. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider hiring a professional web designer for your business website. 

Your company is unique.

Custom web designs are good at creating brand awareness because they allow you to express your unique brand image, sealing the association between your look and your business in the minds of consumers. Your online presence should be professional, reflect your company’s vision, and represent your business in the best light possible. A professional web designer can build your brand identity if you don’t have one, or seamlessly incorporate your current branding into your website. This will make your website stand out and distinguish your business from your competitors.

Web design templates are easy to outgrow.

Web design templates are limited in their features, making them easy to outgrow. For example, depending on the characteristics of your chosen template, things like needing to add e-commerce services to your site after your design is complete may be cause for disaster, requiring you to start anew. Custom web designs are easier to alter and expand. Design tasks like adding new pages and product groups are easy when your site has been built specifically for you and your unique business needs. 

Integrating your website with third-party business tools is critical.

Working with a knowledgeable web designer/developer ensures that the web tools you use are thoughtfully integrated with your website, suited to your needs, and compatible with one another, thus streamlining  your business operations. Before starting your website build, jot down a list of the third-party tools that you already use and would like to use. Be sure to include tools such as your email marketing platform, sales/CRM software, ticketing/event registration tools, inventory or POS/shop management tools, marketing analytics, SEO, and social media feeds. That way, your web developer can guarantee that you’re using the proper CMS foundation along with all the right tools, plugins, and software to bring it all together. Some cookie-cutter CMS’s, like Wix, may not integrate with all of the plugins and integrations that you want on your website. This puts business owners in a bind, forcing them to manage several tools separately.

If your business website is built from an inflexible web design template, your competitors can easily copy and buy the same template. With a custom design, you get a more effective, scalable site. And it’s not as expensive as you might think! Entrust your website with our expert team of web designers. Whether you seek a robust e-commerce marketplace or a simple business website, our web design services can help boost your business’s online presence.

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