Whether it was our childhood self who was a little nervous about playing a big game, or perhaps later in life when you sat down for your first job interview, at some point, you were probably told just to be yourself. This saying is a little cliché, but what if we told you that being yourself in business can be your selling superpower? Imagine engaging more customers and making more sales just because you’re you. Being yourself leads to brand authenticity, which increases the “sticky” factor — drawing your ideal customers to you like bees to honey. Here’s why.

Business and Vulnerability

It can feel vulnerable to be yourself when it comes to business, but it doesn’t have to. Being yourself doesn’t mean you’re letting go of control or losing a sense of professionalism. Instead, it’s about engaging your customers with brand authenticity. When you let your personality shine through in your business, your audience will feel more connected to you. Emotions matter. They play a massive role in your customer’s journey when it comes to visiting your website, browsing your store, or making purchases.

Building Authentic Brand Affinity

If your customer is met with a faceless company they can’t connect with, they will likely leave once they see a cheaper or more engaging competitor. Sure, you might make that sale today, but they are unlikely to remember you or return. Create a genuine affinity with your customers so they will recall your business the next time they need help. 

The poet Maya Angelou summed it up perfectly when she said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Customers will remember you for how you made them feel through the copy on your website, your social media posts, or maybe even how you replied to a simple question they had. There are countless ways to let your personality shine through in your business. 

Building Brand Authenticity to Attract Your Ideal Customer

The simple truth is that being yourself is more honest, and here’s why.

  • Authentic Personality: By sharing your personality with your audience, they get to see the real you, which is invaluable. In a world where people can over-edit images on social media and create a complete fantasy of their life, authenticity is like gold dust. 
  • Time Saver: Being yourself also saves you time, the precious resource that you never have enough of. 
  • Attract Your Ideal Customer: Instead of chasing an audience that doesn’t align with your values, you can attract and build an audience that does. In a way, your personality can be a natural repellant for the wrong type of customer.

Not everyone is an ideal customer for your business. If you can find ways to appeal to those who share the values you have in business, you’ll also gently push away those who don’t. At Huckleberry Branding, our favorite partners are transparent, vulnerable, and authentic, which shines through in their brands. We pride ourselves on working with people we enjoy and brands we believe in. 

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