A SaaS SEO Success Story

SaaS SEO Agency Increases Demo Requests and MRR for HR Software Company


Our client’s SaaS technology platform specializes in delivering and managing 360-degree feedback surveys through its online dashboard. These surveys help leaders gather valuable 360-degree insights about themselves and their employees to unlock their team’s greatest potential.


The SaaS company owner was a digital marketing DIYer who taught himself the basics of website development, SEO, and PPC. As an award-winning university professor, the SaaS company owner is a philomath and quick study. He had built a solid foundation, but he had reached a plateau in his website traffic, demo requests, and account registrations, and he needed some extra help to push his search presence even further. That’s where we came in.


We kicked off our contract with an initial 30-day SEO strategy and set-up in August 2022. The strategy and set-up activities included:

  • Keyword research and on-page optimization for existing web pages
  • Identification of new keyword and backlink opportunities
  • Submission of the site to niche software directories
  • Technical SEO optimizations, including Schema markup and critical crawl error corrections
  • Minor website revisions for conversion optimization

Our SaaS Content Strategy

Our objective was to build upon the foundation our client had already built, but also focus more on money-generating, “bottom-of-the-sales-funnel” keywords where we saw the biggest gap in his current strategy.

To drive new demo requests and online registrations, we set our sights on a new set of keywords that were infused with more buyer intend, rather than general interest pieces. We wrote relevant, high-quality content in the form of blog posts and subpages to fill in keyword gaps. We also tackled website revisions where necessary to improve conversions. As always, we reported on traction and discussed goals with the client monthly and pivoted the strategy, as needed.


I just got this report from Google Search Console. You have made a huge impact on me and my site. Thank you!

Website Visits from Organic Search

After our initial strategy and setup, we began to see gradual month-over-month growth in search impressions and clicks. Results after 1 year (from Sept. 2022-Sept. 2023) included:

Results from Google Search Console
  • 786% increase in search clicks 
  • 332% increase in impressions

Saas seo agency results

Results from Google Analytics
  • 425% increase in new users from organic search 
  • 364% increase in sessions from organic search

Increase in New Account Registrations

Of course, website impressions and traffic are great for brand awareness, but they’re not as important and valuable as actual money-making conversions. The conversion events we tracked for this client were for two different types of new account registrations. We configured cross-domain conversion tracking to measure conversion events by channel, and the results included:

  • 41% increase in new account registrations 

Want to Increase Your SaaS Registrations?

Need help increasing SaaS demo requests or new account signups for your software? Organic SEO for SaaS can be an effective, long-term marketing method to keep your sales pipeline full. Contact us to learn more!

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