Brand positioningThe DNA of good content marketing includes strands of stories that help people connect more deeply with a brand, product, and others around them. Your brand’s North Star is the promise your brand makes to customers. By defining your brand promise or brand positioning, you are making a commitment to your consumer that your brand will consistently deliver on a certain set of standards each and every time.

When a brand stays true to their North Star, the results are extraordinary.

Here’s some thought starters to create your brand positioning:

  1. What makes us interesting? What is our story?
  2. Why do you do what you do?
  3. Does your brand have a purpose?

Here’s a North Star campaign example:

OREO: Celebrate the kid inside

In honor of their official 100th delicious birthday, the World’s Favorite Cookie decided to reignite the spirit of childhood by celebrating the kid inside all of us.

Research had shown that the world was becoming too serious, so OREO asked the world to put down its cell phones, close its laptops and take a moment to celebrate the kid inside us all by inspiring and collecting one million moments of slowed down, carefree fun.

On their birthday website and Facebook page, fans shared how they let their inner child free by posting photos, stories and videos to the OREO Moments Gallery. The Million Moments Meter tracked submissions, one heartwarming moment at a time, so fans could see what others are doing all around the world.

Take the North Star checklist:

  1. Is your brand promise honest and transparent?
  2. Is it inspirational?
  3. Is it strategic and concise?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, maybe it’s time to redefine your brand promise and reinvest in your brand’s North Star.

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