Welcome Molly Hannula to the Huckleberry Branding team!

Molly Hannula, Huckleberry Branding’s new creative director, helps businesses discover their distinct visual identity, create engaging marketing materials, and ultimately bring brands to life through creative design and direction. Molly is a seasoned design professional who comes to Huckleberry by way of Los Angeles and, more recently, MusicRow Magazine, where she managed and implemented all aspects of the publication’s creative design. She is an Art Institute of Los Angeles graduate with more than 16 years of experience designing for a broad range of industries including healthcare, retail, real estate, fashion, fitness, finance and more.

Here are 5 facts about Molly you should know:

If you could work with any client in the world, who would it be?

I’d have to say The International Animal Rescue. Particularly, the orangutan rescue.  The International Animal Rescue gives us a chance to help orphaned baby orangutans who have been taken from their mothers to be illegally sold as pets. They also help care for adult orangutans who have spent their entire lives in captivity

Another would be  The Jane Goodall Institute. I admire the work she has done to bring awareness to the intelligence of chimpanzees and other animals.


Where can you most likely be found on a Saturday night in Nashville?

Either at home watching movies/catching up on shows or out with friends exploring the city.



What is something most people don’t know about you?

While my good friends know, most people would never guess how much I’m into zombie flicks. It doesn’t matter how cheesy! My favorite show is The Walking Dead.



If you could bring three things on a deserted island with you, what would they be?

I’ve probably watched too many survival shows because my practical side says an extra sharp machete, a life straw (water filter) and a fire starter.



What are you most excited about in working with Huckleberry?

I love having the creative freedom and coming up with unique solutions to help our clients across many different industries. As for my personal reasons, my quality of life has gone up immensely. Whether I’m working from home, at a café or attending a networking event with Mariko, I always feel like I’m doing something new everyday. Many jobs I’ve had in the past have been just that, a job. But at Huckleberry, the work is part of my life.


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