In this day and age, social media is an essential component of the marketing strategy for any organization. Healthcare is no exception. 34% of consumers use social media to search for health information, this data coming from How America Searches: Health and Wellness. While this need is fairly easy for marketers in healthcare to identify, how to go about properly implementing social media can be a bit of a challenge. To avoid being labeled as another healthcare marketing professional who “lags behind”, read below and learn how many healthcare organizations today are effectively utilizing social media.


It shouldn’t be news to anyone that hashtags are an essential tool for every major social media platform. Using them properly, however, can sometimes be a challenge. Successful hashtag-driven social media campaigns in the healthcare industry not only inform, but also possess a clear call-to-action. For example, Healthcare United’s #WeDareYou campaign challenged followers to make a small, healthy change each month and then post it on social media. Not only did the campaign foster an interactive community, but it also led to healthier habits for followers.


Social Media is Fun!

While there are many reasons people use social media, entertainment is definitely a key component. According to Global Web Index, 6 in 10 users of social media use it exclusively for entertainment purposes. While it is important to bring attention to serious topics in medicine, followers want to have some fun every once in a while. In  2014, Anne Arundel’s Medical Center had a “stachie” facebook contest. The Medical center asked its followers to upload their best “stachie” – AKA a mustache (real or fake) selfie. The purpose, successfully achieved, was to raise awareness for men’s health in November. Not only did this bring awareness (and fun) for Annie Arundel’s followers, it also created a big boost in traffic for their web page.



Personal Approach

When you or a loved one is seeking medical treatment, we first and foremost want to know who we’re calling on for help. Personal approaches like the “You Have Us” videos not only help bring awareness, but also inspire hope and build a much-needed sense of trust with target audiences. Watch the video below to see a superb example of this vital tactic


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