Google Screened and Google Guarantee are powerful tools that can help businesses build trust with potential customers, stand out from the competition, and assure customers that their work will be done right. 

Google Screened vs. Google Guaranteed

Google Screened is a feature designed for professional service businesses like lawyers, financial planners, and real estate agents. To qualify for the Screened badge, the company must pass a background check, have relevant licenses and insurance, and maintain a certain quality of service. 

On the other hand, the Google Guarantee is designed for businesses that provide home services, including plumbing, electrical, and HVAC repair. It offers customers added protection by refunding up to $2,000 if they are unsatisfied with the service.

How to Use the Google Screened Tool

The Google Screened tool listing includes a green “screened” checkmark and a “Google Screened” badge that indicates that the provider has passed a background check and is qualified, licensed, and insured. This can give potential clients and customers more confidence and trust in your business and increase your online visibility and leads. 

If you are eligible for the Google Screened program, here’s how you can use it to your advantage: 

Sign up for Google Screened 

To get started, you must sign up for Google Screened by creating a Google My Business account or updating your existing one. You’ll need to provide your business information, such as your name, address, phone number, website, and service areas. You’ll also need to select one or more eligible categories, such as law, financial planning, tax consulting, real estate, HVAC, plumbing, electrician, etc. Keep in mind that not all categories are available in all areas. 

Pass the Background Check and Verification

Once you’ve submitted your application, you’ll be prompted to complete the background check and verification process. This involves providing your business license, insurance, and other legal documentation and authorizing a third-party screening company to conduct a criminal and civil records check on your business and its owners, partners, and employees. The screening company will verify your business status, qualifications, and reputation by checking public records, reviews, and ratings. 

Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

While waiting for the screening results, you can optimize your Google My Business profile to make it more attractive and informative to potential clients and customers. This includes adding high-quality photos and videos of your business, products, and services and updating your business hours, contact information, and description. You can also post updates, offers, and reviews to engage with your audience and showcase your expertise and personality. 

Monitor and Respond to Your Leads

Once your business is approved for Google Screened, you’ll receive more leads and inquiries from potential clients and customers looking for your services in your area. You can track and manage your leads using the Google My Business app or website, which allows you to see the details of each lead, such as the name, phone number, and service request. You can also respond to your leads directly from the app or website and schedule appointments or consultations. 

Provide Excellent Service and Follow-up

The key to success with Google Screened is attracting more leads and providing exceptional service and follow-up to your clients and customers. This includes responding promptly and professionally to their requests, providing accurate and transparent pricing and information, delivering high-quality work and results, and asking for feedback and referrals. Doing so can build a loyal and satisfied customer base to help you grow your business organically. 

How to Become Google Guaranteed 

If you’re interested in becoming Google Guaranteed, here are the steps you need to follow: 

Sign up for Local Services Ads 

Signing up for Local Services Ads is the first step to becoming Google Guaranteed. This program allows businesses to advertise their services on Google and receive leads directly from potential customers. To sign up, you must create a Google My Business profile and verify your business information. 

Pass the Background Check 

Once you’ve signed up for Local Services Ads, you must pass a background check. This involves providing your business license and insurance information and authorizing a third-party screening company to conduct a criminal and civil records check on your business and its owners, partners, and employees. The screening company will verify your business status, qualifications, and reputation by checking public records, reviews, and ratings. 

Meet the Eligibility Requirements 

Your business must meet certain requirements to be eligible for the Google Guarantee. These include: 

  • Providing services in one of the eligible categories, such as plumbing, electrical, HVAC, or garage door repair 
  • Being licensed and insured 
  • Maintaining a minimum rating on Google 
  • Providing accurate and up-to-date information about your business, including your hours of operation and service areas 

Activate the Google Guarantee 

Once you’ve passed the background check and met the eligibility requirements, you can activate the Google Guarantee. This involves paying a one-time activation fee and agreeing to the program’s terms and conditions. 

How to Use the Google Guarantee to Your Advantage 

Once you’re Google Guaranteed, here are some tips for using the program to your advantage: 

Display the Badge Prominently 

Ensure the Google Guaranteed badge is prominently displayed on your website, social media profiles, and marketing materials. This will help potential customers see you’re a trusted and reliable business. 

Respond Quickly to Leads 

When you receive a lead from Local Services Ads, respond as quickly as possible. This will show potential customers that you’re responsive and reliable. 

Ask for Reviews 

The key to success with the Google Guarantee is providing excellent customer service and encouraging satisfied customers to leave reviews on Google. This will help you build a positive reputation and attract more leads.

Are Google Screened or Guaranteed Services Worth the Investment?

Deciding whether to become Google Screened or Guaranteed largely depends on your business objectives. While the registration and verification process may require some time, opting for these services can significantly boost your brand’s presence. 

If you’re searching for innovative ways to make your business more visible and trustworthy to potential customers, our team of expert designers, developers, and SEO specialists can offer unique solutions and growth marketing strategies to help you connect with your customers and outshine your competitors in the market.

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