No matter what product you sell, service you offer, or industry you’re in, having a mobile marketing strategy is critical to promoting your business. Smartphones have become so entrenched in our daily lives that we almost need a third hand just to cater to our mobile needs. Anyone with a service or product to offer would be kidding themselves if they said they didn’t notice the trend. The question is, what should you do about it?

Here are a few basic questions to ask yourself to see where your mobile marketing strategy stands:

Is your website is responsive? In other words, is your website easily viewed across all devices, including smartphones, tablets and traditional desktops? With so many consumers accessing the web from mobile phones and tablets, it is important to make sure your user doesn’t have to work hard to read your web content. Simple mobile designs, concise content and integrated branding identities are the keys to an effective responsive website for your company or brand.

Do you need a mobile app? While it might be a sexy marketing trend, it’s important to question whether or not it is the right fit for your business model. While we think everyone should have a mobile website, not everyone needs a mobile app. Mobile apps can be a great way for consumers to interact with your business, but mobile apps are also costly and not always optimal for your ROI. Make sure you do your research about the cost versus the profit of developing a smartphone or tablet app before investing in the technology.

Do you have mobile calls to action? Don’t make it difficult for your leads to engage with you. Just like on your desktop website, your mobile pages should include direct calls to action. Whether that means ensuring your contact forms are compatible with mobile devices or hyperlinking your phone number, make sure you’re making it easy for your mobile consumer to act. For commerce-driven companies, ensure your mobile website’s purchase process is easy and intuitive from the point of sale all the way through checkout. Include oversized product images, clearly-defined, “green-means-go” purchase buttons, and a simple checkout process.

If we haven’t sold you yet, here are four compelling reasons to get mobile!

The benefits of mobile marketing


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