Technology is ever-evolving, as evidenced by required software updates, the latest computers and smartphones, and new features that pop up out of nowhere. However, we’ve seen a recent evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) that could dramatically change how we access information. We’re not talking about Bing’s alter-ego Sydney falling in love with you or using Chat GPT to find an alternative recipe to your grandmother’s legendary sweet potato dish. We’re talking about Chat GPT and SEO. 

How We Can Expect AI-Powered Content To Change SEO

Inevitably, there will be a rise in AI-powered content on the web due to the accessibility of new technology, such as Chat GPT. Simultaneously, Google is constantly working to improve its algorithm to rank and reward original, in-depth, well-researched content. This is evidenced by the way Google penalizes duplicate content and favors “helpful, reliable, people-first” content. With this in mind, It’s hard to tell where AI-powered content will fall in Google’s eyes.

Google’s job is already complicated, so when thinking about Chat GPT and SEO, we can assume it’s also probably going to be a somewhat complex relationship, at least for now. But, at the same time that Google favors in-depth, original content, Google also has to be able to provide quick and accurate responses to searchers who expect fast and simple answers. For example, think of any voice query you might ask Siri or Alexa. You’re not looking for a long, thorough response or a series of websites; you have to sort through them yourself. You want to know where the closest pizza joint is, how many tablespoons are in a cup, or how many tons an elephant weighs (now, damnit!)

How We Have Used Chat GPT in Our SEO Agency

So far, we have used Chat GPT in our SEO agency for brainstorming and creative inspiration. For example, we might have a specific messaging direction in mind for an ad, but we need to flesh out a variety of copy options consistent with that messaging tone and objective. 

Ad Slogans

Let’s say we need a series of ad slogans about building one’s financial future on a solid foundation. We would run a detailed query through Chat GPT, igniting the creative juices. As a result, we get some new ideas that haven’t organically come to us. Or, perhaps Chat GPT offers us angles we have yet to consider. Although we’re not necessarily copying and pasting that exact phrasing, we are using it to spark inspiration for the final copy. 

Blog Topics

Similarly, this could be used to generate unique blog post ideas. You can try the tool to come up with good target keywords for your blog post (although, we believe the tool likely falls short of SEO-specific tools in that regard) or come up with unique angles once you have a particular target keyword in mind.

Meta Descriptions

While we have tested Chat GPT and other tools, like Jasper, for writing meta descriptions, we’ve found it more time-consuming than writing them ourselves. Additionally, it’s less customized to a client’s unique traits unless those are also inputted into queries, which again requires time and a series of trials and errors. All that to say, we are not using this tool to generate meta descriptions, at least not for now.

Our Prediction: AI-Powered Content and SEO

It’s hard to say how tools like Chat GPT will change SEO, but our prediction is that Google will try to capitalize on the technology rather than fight against it. We have already seen Google dabble in things like “Content Ideas” in Google Search Console and I expect these sorts of experiments will continue. For now, we will continue writing original, high-quality, researched, readable content, but we’re eager to see what’s on the horizon for SEO and how AI-powered tools will change it.

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