How SEO Increased Class Sign-Ups at this Performing Arts Studio


Expression City is a second home for many Nashville performers, uniting all the performing arts, including acting, circus arts, dance, music, and theatre, under one roof.


The performing arts studio was founded in mid-2016 and hit the ground running with a variety of class offerings, musical theatre productions, live events, workshops, live entertainment for hire, venue rental offerings, merchandise for sale, kids circus parties, and so much more. There was no shortage of creative opportunities to choose from. What they were short on, however, was the manpower (or, in this case, womanpower ) to keep the entire marketing machine running smoothly.


We kicked off our contract in with a ground-up website redesign, followed by the development of a strategic marketing plan. Our initial objective was to establish a strong foundation on which the studio could build its reputation as Middle Tennessee’s leading performing arts studio for kids and adults of all ages. After the initial brand foundation was set, we acted on the strategic marketing plan to drive new class signups. Here are the specific marketing tools we used to achieve that goal:

Marketing Tools

To drive new class signups, we utilized a combination of tools, including social media ads, organic search engine optimization, unique social media content, and email marketing. Huckleberry Branding also supported ongoing graphic design and website maintenance needs required to fire all cylinders in the marketing machine.


Website Visits from Organic Search

Before partnering with Huckleberry Branding, the majority of our client’s class sign-ups came from word-of-mouth referrals. After beginning our work together, however, the number of class sign-ups (and venue rentals, birthday party bookings, and live performance bookings) coming from new search leads increased drastically. Website visitors from search increased from an average of 175 sessions to 1,182 over the course of the first year (a 575% increase in Year 1), and again from 1,182 to 4,656 in year two (another 294% increase in Year 2) for a total increase in website sessions from organic search of 2,560% over the course of 2 years.

seo results for performing arts studio


Although the performing arts studio continues to get most of its new class sign-ups from repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals, 33% of new class registrations over the past two years have come from internet searches.

Want to Increase Your Class Sign-Ups?

Need help increasing class sign-ups at your studio? Organic SEO for performing arts studios can be an effective, long-term marketing method to keep new students coming through your door. Contact us to learn more!

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