Content marketing software pioneer Kapost recently released its Top 50 Content Marketing Brands, a ranking that showcases the best of the best in branding. Kapost laboriously reviewed hundreds of companies to determine the top content marketers based on quality and frequency of new content, effective audience engagement, and creativity in each campaign. Many early adopters of this marketing technique are generating big wins and pushing boundaries. And so can you!

The usual players and innovators rank in the top 10. Seeing the scope of these campaigns compared to your own brand’s small marketing budget can make you feel, well, small.

For example, IBM is leading the pack at No. 3, and for good reason.

IBM produces a lot of content, but it’s the company’s high quality journalism and breadth of industry expertise that sets it apart. The technology industry leader encourages its network of top executives and influencers to actively publish to company channels, as well as blog posts, case studies and social feeds.

Creating intelligent content reflects the core attributes of its brand, ensuring IBM maintains its reputation as a trusted provider of solutions for some of the world’s largest problems.

Want to escalate your audience engagement?

Focus on quality, frequency and creativity of the new content you produce and publish to your organization’s media channels. It doesn’t require a large marketing budget or advertising agency to enhance engagement with your target audience. It just takes commitment and passion from the people who know and understand their fans best.

If you haven’t already, take a peek at our content marketing playbook for more tips.

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