Going viral is about more than taking up space. Today influencers and brands are in constant competition for your attention.

With more content available than ever, it’s becoming more and more difficult to stand out from the noise. Knowing the potential that content marketing can hold for your bottom line can provide the added motivation you’ll need to crack the code.

If you’re ready to start curating media content that converts, read on. We’re here to explain more about the importance of content marketing and how you can get your brand noticed online.

The Importance of Content Marketing

Companies are no longer reliant on the ad men of the 1950s. Today, they have something better. The data produced by internet users is powering the next generation of advertising.

This data makes marketing to your target audience easier than ever. Using data analytics and audience insights, you can easily choose the audience that views your ads.

This ensures that far fewer ad dollars are wasted pitching your brand to a consumer who is unlikely to engage with your product.

Great Content Gets Around

Have you ever made a post that didn’t exactly hit the mark? It’s not unusual to wonder why your post didn’t get the level of engagement you anticipated. If you find that your posts rarely get much attention, however, you may have a bigger problem on your hands.

In a world filled with content, why is it that some content goes “viral”? To answer this, you’ll have to understand how media adds value to the lives of consumers. All viral content has one thing in common. It adds value to the lives of others. Now, this isn’t to say that every viral moment will be transforming lives anytime soon.

This value can be educational, inspirational, or just make your audience laugh. Further, the value of these viral posts may vary depending on the niche of the target audience.

For makeup and beauty influencers, for instance, much of the value they add is through teaching and inspiring followers. By offering to share their skills free of charge, the influencer adds value to the lives of the people in their audience.

Likewise, you can endear yourself to your audience by creating informative or inspiring posts about the topics that matter most to them. Once you’ve begun to create valuable content for your audience, you may soon find it being shared.

If you strike gold with a post that resonates with your audience, you’ll find out just how quickly your brand will be making waves.

Finding Your Influence

It is often through a format like makeup tutorials that an influencer’s career explodes. Youtubers gain popularity for their ability to entertain an audience or through sharing their talents with the online community.

By offering to share and explain their skills, they begin what often becomes an ongoing reciprocal relationship between the audience and the influencer.

These relationships are not specific to the individual. Smart branding strategies can help you create a social media brand that bears the same endearing hallmarks.

Creating a recognizable brand signature can help your customers easily identify content that relates to your brand. This can be accomplished through the use of signature colors and a cohesive content style.

If your website contains an SEO blog, you may want to ensure that your writers take on a cohesive tone in each entry. This can help to create consistent brand values that are unique to your business.

Outsourcing Your Content Creation

If you feel overwhelmed when you think about creating marketing content? You might want to consider delegating the task.

If you’re looking to use SEO content to broaden your consumer base, consider hiring a freelance SEO blogger to produce content for you. If you’re looking to create viral Instagram moments, consider checking out an influencer marketplace.

Before you create any influencer partnerships, be sure to establish guidelines for the deliverables you’ll be expecting. You’ll want to ensure that the content produced is something that you’ll be likely to repost.

Does this include a minimum resolution size or word count? Have you outlined that the post is expected to be permanent?

If you’re new to content marketing, you may want to consider outsourcing your game plan. By soliciting the help of a marketing pro, you can help avoid potential missteps that could hinder your growth and cost you big time.

Creating Content that Goes Viral for the Wrong Reasons

Mistakes happen. It may be a fact of life, but it can be devastating for a brand. Going viral for the wrong reasons can happen all too easily if you create content that seems out of touch or tone-deaf.

For example, one recent commercial that struck many viewers as sexist cost a stationary bike manufacturer a billion dollars in value. Soon after the fallout, smart marketers from an alcohol company were quick to seize the chance for a sarcastic follow-up.

These marketers cashed in on the attention that the original ad had received, quickly going viral with a comedic rebuttal promoting their own product.

Create Smart Content Marketing Strategies

The importance of content marketing cannot be overstated. Creating branded content that adds value for your customers is essential to your company’s relevance.

If you’re looking to elevate your content marketing strategies, we’re here to help. Visit our website to learn more about the creative tools we use to help businesses thrive.

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