Can Blogs Really Convert Site Visitors into Paying Customers?

It’s great to see search traction in the form of increased impressions and clicks to your website from search engines, but the ultimate goal for most of our clients is ultimately to drive leads and sales. How does blog writing help with that goal? Let’s dig in and find out.

A large part of the SEO we do for clients involves identifying the right keywords — those with the ideal combination of high search volume, low competition, and relevancy — and writing copy in the form of blog posts, case studies, or subpages dedicated to those target keywords in the hopes of gaining more impressions and clicks to our clients’ sites from search engines. The keywords we aim for are sometimes strategic gambles; there’s no guarantee that they will rank on Page 1 in Google or gain the traction and visibility we strive for. However, when our gamble pays off, we prioritize not basking in the glory of the massive spike in impressions and clicks on the site. Instead, we take advantage of these newfound eyeballs, taking the readers a step further into driving actual conversions (leads or direct sales through the site).

Here are a few examples of how we do it and the results we’ve seen from our efforts. 

Transform Your Blog’s Best Content into Revenue

Music City Lofts

Music City Lofts experienced a significant increase in website traffic due to a post about the best area to stay in Nashville. Although the post was indexed in November, it is now ranking for several popular keywords such as “where to stay in Nashville,” “best places to stay in Nashville,” and “downtown Nashville hotels.” This has resulted in 2,132 clicks and 130,789 impressions on search engines so far, proving that optimizing your website content for popular keywords can significantly increase your online visibility and attract potential customers.

Overall search impressions and clicks on website (the uptick started on December 26, 2023, and is continuing to date): 

Clicks and impressions resulting from this post alone: 

How we capitalized on this traffic (turning readers into buyers): We included a direct booking link at the bottom of the blog post, as well as a “Browse Rentals” call-to-action in the sidebar. 

Result: There was a 122% increase in conversions from organic search overall in December (after the post started going “viral” on search engines). 

G360 Surveys

G360 Surveys has been actively creating blog posts to drive traffic to its website and has seen remarkable success. One such blog post was about “start stop continue examples,” which significantly increased website traffic. As a result, the website has generated an impressive 4,350 clicks and 86,300 impressions on search engines. This increase in traffic has not only helped to raise its online visibility but also established it as a thought leader in its industry.

Overall search impressions and clicks on the website: 

Search impressions and clicks from this post alone: 

How we capitalized on this traffic (turning readers into buyers):

  • Added a free Professional Development Plan lead magnet call-to-action in the blog sidebar to capture emails for remarketing efforts.
  • Added a call-to-action to create a free account on their 360 degree feedback platform.

Boost Conversions and Sales Leads With Lead Magnets

Teammates Commercial Interiors

A lead magnet download page created for Teammates Commercial Interiors drives more email subscribers to the company’s contact list. The number of subscribers to this list continues to grow organically without ever having to touch the lead magnet, landing page, or additional marketing efforts. In seven months, the company’s website traffic from organic SEO increased by 167%, from 215 to 574 visits from organic sources (not PPC ads) monthly. The company has also noted increased leads coming to its business due to its improved organic search presence and inbound sales leads.

Need Help Turning Clicks into Sales?

Need help generating clicks and impressions that result in leads and sales? Let us help you! Our strategic approach to content creation, coupled with our meticulous optimization techniques, is second to none. You can always expect in-depth analysis, high-quality content, transparent communication, and personalized consultation with us. Call us today to see how we can take your business to the next level.

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