A Nashville, TN drug treatment center enlisted the help of Huckleberry Branding to drive more leads and admissions to their addiction treatment programs. The treatment center offers a full continuum of care — including primary residential care, intensive outpatient programs, and independent living facilities — for men and women in recovery from addiction, mental health disorders, and dual diagnoses throughout Greater Nashville. 

The addiction treatment marketing strategy included an integrated combination of search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media management, and content marketing.


This drug treatment center came to Huckleberry Branding with an outdated and ineffective website. It was unsupported, lacked professionalism and brand consistency, and was highly vulnerable to security threats — even breaking down entirely from time to time. The website was in desperate need of being rebuilt and made into a more effective tool to drive leads and conversions for the business. 

The treatment center only received 4 leads from organic search results in the 12 preceding months before Huckleberry Branding’s engagement.


In addition to building a professional, user-friendly and engaging website for the treatment center, Huckleberry Branding also optimized the site, transforming it from an ineffective brochure site to a robust, dynamic lead machine. Each month thereafter, Huckleberry Branding continued to expand the treatment center’s brand presence, web traffic and leads through an addiction treatment marketing growth plan that included SEO, content marketing, social media management, and digital advertising. Most importantly, Huckleberry Branding measured each of these marketing activities and honed the marketing strategy to become more effective over time. 

Marketing Tools:

  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing (blog writing & email marketing)


In just 5 months after the launch of the treatment center’s new, optimized website, organic website traffic increased 148%, total website traffic increased 188%, and search visibility increased 85%. Most importantly, lead inquiries (measured through website inquiries and phone calls) from organic search increased from just 4 leads in all of 2017 to 111 between February and May 2018.

Total site visits:

Total Site Visits

Total site visits have increased from 891 in January 2018 to 2,568 in May 2018 – a 188% increase in 5 months.

Organic visits

Organic Search Visits

Organic visits increased from 394 in January 2018 to 976 in May 2018 — a 148% increase in 5 months.

Search visibility

Search Visibility

Search visibility (impressions in search engines) increased from 0.86% to 6.32% in 5 months and surpassed its biggest competitor in 3 months.


After receiving just 4 total leads from web searches in all of 2017, our client saw a drastic increase in leads from web searches. Just between February and May 2018, our client received 111 leads from web searches.

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