Quick! You have eight seconds to engage your website audience. What do you do? The average Internet consumer’s attention span has drastically shortened. Instead of a whopping 12 seconds to get your message across, you now have eight. With a wealth of information available online and your competitor’s site just a click away, your landing page should grab your reader’s attention right away, hold it for as long as it takes, and ultimately get your message across. In a world of instant gratification, keep these tips in mind to clean up your website and engage your audience.

  1. Capture your readers’ attention. With only a moment to draw your reader in, consider your end goal first. Place the most important conversion or call-to-action copy up top. Keep your content short and punchy.
  2. Present information in a logical order. Don’t make your reader work too hard to find out what your text is all about. Clearly lead your reader through your copy in a rational, sequential order.
  3. Accommodate easy scanning. People don’t read web pages, they scan them. Use brief, descriptive subheads and bullet points to make your message easier to digest.
  4. Ensure pages load quickly. More than 30% of Internet consumers begin abandoning slow-loading sites within 1-5 seconds. With so many great resources out there to speed up your site, there is no excuse to have slow-loading pages. Here are a few freebies:
  5. Use rich media. Visual elements — like graphs, a short video or compelling graphics — are great ways to break up your text and tell your story in a more dynamic way. Try easel.ly for free infographic creation or online video creation tools like WeVideo or GoAnimate to enhance your website’s interactivity.
  6. De-clutter your pages. To keep your landing page message concise, use secondary pages to present more detailed information about your individual products or services.
  7. Make the call-to-action clear. Once you hook your reader, make sure the path to conversion — whether it is a sale, a subscription or service inquiry — is clearly defined. Leave obvious breadcrumbs en route all the way from your initial sales pitch to your call-to-action.

When mapping out your website, keep your user’s experience and attention span at the forefront of your design. With only a few brief moments to hook your consumer, your website should flow seamlessly and engage your audience immediately. Tools to engage your website audience

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