Branding agencies stay afloat by producing creative projects, like brand marketing, graphic design, and website design, for their clients. Our job is to ensure that projects run smoothly—staying on track and within budget. That’s where creative project managers come in.

So, what does a creative project manager do?

The goal of creative project managers is to ensure that clients have a great experience and that the end product proudly represents the client’s brand. The responsibilities of a project manager include the following:

1. Planning and organizing

Creative project managers keep a close eye on how projects are progressing to mitigate roadblocks and keep the team on budget and on time.

2. Serving as the liaison between the in-house team and the client

Creative projects involve many players, including internal team members, clients, vendors, and freelancers. Project managers streamline communication, ensuring that everyone receives up-to-date information.

3. Keeping designers focused on design                                                 

Without creative project managers, the creative team is left to decide how to prioritize their work on their own. This is a drain on creatives and distracts them from doing what they do best.

So, how can a creative project manager help you?

If you’re looking for support managing a large-scale project, we’re here to share our creative project management expertise. One example of how we can partner with you is our recent collaboration with CONSOLL, a dealer-managed group purchasing organization in the commercial furniture industry. We designed and managed their annual print catalog, working with their internal team and 31 furniture manufacturers. Our team helped streamline communication, gather and organize content, and submit proofs for final approval. We managed the project from beginning to end, ensuring that the catalog was delivered on time, within budget, and within the project scope.

In 2020, we also designed and managed 120+ custom digital booklets for HCA Healthcare. We gathered and organized content from each facility location, tracking progress and resolving issues throughout the project life cycle.

“The entire team at Huckleberry really pulls together and makes every effort to ensure your project is a success.”
—Jeffrey Deweese, Project Coordinator & Manufacturer Relations, CONSOLL


“We enjoyed working with you! Thanks for being so organized, prompt, and flexible throughout the process! That definitely made our jobs easier.”
—Kacy Bringaze, Business Operations Analyst, HCA Healthcare

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