Spiras Health


Project Description

Spiras Health is an innovative healthcare solution for individuals suffering from asthma and COPD. Spiras works closely with patients’ primary physician to provide tools and services from the convenience of their own home, including diagnostics, personalized treatment plan assessments and monitoring, and patient education to help asthma and COPD sufferers regain control of their everyday lives and breathe easy.

Project Details

Client Spiras Health
Industry Healthcare
Prescription Branding
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Logo Design

With Spiras Health’s logo, we wanted to illustrate the relief and happiness one feels when they are finally able to manage and control their asthma or COPD symptoms. We explored bright, airy color combinations and a number of icons that exuded health and happiness before honing in on their final logo design.

Business Stationery

With the company’s new logo and brand identity in place, we were able to begin constructing Spiras Health’s brand foundation, starting with business cards and basic marketing materials, in order to approach healthcare providers, insurance partners, COPD and asthma patients, and potential investors.

Marketing Materials

To exude an air of professionalism to its COPD patients and health insurance partners, Spiras Health needed a few basic marketing materials and “leave behinds” to ensure their patients knew exactly who to call for their COPD needs.

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Brook Bishop

CEO, Spiras Health

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