Project Description

The JourneyPure family of addiction treatment centers span across the Southeast, helping individuals and families recover from the devastating effects of addiction, trauma, and mood disorders. It’s family of treatment facilities include Voyage, QuestHouse, WalnutHouse, JourneyPure At The River, Serenity, 12 Keys Rehab, and JourneyPure Emerald Coast.

Project Details

Client JourneyPure
Industry Addiction Treatment
Prescription Graphic Design

Logo Designs

As JourneyPure expands across the Southeast, it is of paramount importance that each facility’s brand identity and client experience is consistent each and every time. We have created several logos for JourneyPure’s family of facilities, including QuestHouse, WalnutHouse, and JourneyPure At The River.

Business Stationery

JourneyPure’s business stationery set includes an exquisite combination of lightly textured, recycled cardstock throughout its collection with elegant features, such as embossing and custom die cutting, for a sophisticated touch.

Marketing Materials

With numerous trade shows, conferences, and clients to attend to, JourneyPure’s family of treatment centers is in constant need of materials that showcase just what makes them different in the marketplace. From rack cards and flyers to tradeshow banners and pens, we design them all.

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Libby Ahlstrom

Director of Operations, JourneyPure

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