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Meet the Huckleberries

Mariko Hickerson

Mariko Hickerson

Leader of the Pack

Mariko believes that a great story lies at the heart of every business and that elegant simplicity is the key to a powerful brand. She is a former San Diego journalist turned Nashville marketing professional whose greatest desire is to build a business that is enjoyable to work in every day.

  • Globe Wanderer 90%
  • Coffee Addict 60%
  • Rock ‘n’ Roller at Heart 10%
Marcus Crutcher

Marcus Crutcher

Web Guru

Marcus is a results-driven digital marketing specialist who believes that success stems from hard work, focus, freedom, and knowing how and when to listen. He is passionate about creating seamless web experiences through intentional design and intelligent development.

  • Optimist 85%
  • Philomath 55%
  • Amateur Musician & Writer 40%
Molly Hannula

Molly Hannula

Creative Genius

Molly is an L.A. Art Institute graduate with more than 15 years of experience in the world of design. From brand strategy and conception to web design and portfolio lookbooks, Molly has a proven track record building powerful visuals for businesses in all formats and media.

  • Lover of Orangutans 100%
  • Stand-Up Comedy Groupie 80%
  • Zombie Fan 60%
Tianna Calcagno

Tianna Calcagno

Social (Media) Butterfly

Social media is a constantly moving target and Tianna has developed dead aim. As a digital marketing strategist, she hones in on success across all platforms, teaches executive levels courses, and makes a very difficult job look easy.

  • Michigander 100%
  • Kayaker 90%
  • Classically Trained Vocalist 80%
Kristin Bural

Kristin Bural

Content + Design Queen

Kristin is uniquely trained in all things visual communication and marketing. She passionately gives her all in every project she sets her mind to. From graphic design, photography, copywriting, digital marketing, and data analytics, Kristin wears many hats and wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Travel Junkie 100%
  • Painter 90%
  • Obsessive Foodie 75%
Join Our Team!

Join Our Team!


Interested in interning with Huckleberry Branding? If so, we’d love to learn more about your talents. Send us your resume, elaborate on your specific skills sets and interests, and tell us why you’d like to be a part of our team. Learn more about our internship here.
  • Great Attitude 100%
  • Team Player 100%
  • Excellent Communicator 100%